The Furtive Flux Chair

For purity of design and construction, which is the current chair hard to beat. Form one part of Polypropylene completely recyclable, which flows into the average, the independent "envelope" for easy transport or storage. But then, in ten seconds, which can be folded to transform a beautiful part of furniture design.

Phillips Innovation Award Winner 2009, which praised the judge as a "simple, innovative and easy to use." While the folded plastic furniture does not always, create a flow that is the use of special curves foldlines - which gives the dominant form of a chair - and the integration of fasteners in the design of the road. The designers also keep watch carefully for concealed the true destination when folded - is more than an artist who chairs potential folio.

Weighing only five kilos, light enough flow for Polypropylene and make it suitable for use in outdoor or indoor. Available in black or white, can be ordered online streaming € 129.00 (USD $ 180), but currently only shipping in Europe.

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