feel your romantic journey with this miracle tent.

There are countless camping Ideas just to waiting to be integrated into your next camping or outdoor trip. Some of them may be romantic journey?

You may not forget this one...

Excellent conceptual ideas for lovers of hiking. UK mobile phone operator Orange has recently presented a vision to save the future. However, glastonbury solar tent only a tent that can be purchased at least for an elegant look. But you have a benefit of it. This miracle tent made from photovoltaic fabric capable of storing solar energy (an excellent replacement of cumbersome photovoltaic panels!).

Later, with the help of this energy can be charged mobile phone - just put them in the pocket. Tents which are equipped with LCD screens as well. This is also highly desirable to find a store in the dark or in the large tent camp - only to turn through SMS or RFID-technology, tents and lit with a soft yellow light.

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